Since 1993 we have been advising our clients in the areas of national and international business law. Globalization of the economy and the challenging problems of cross-border issues have been and will be our driving force. Most of our valued clients are technology-based enterprises – ranging from larger mid-size businesses to “Global Players”.

Providing significant legal expertise, our team consists of highly skilled, multilingual, service-oriented partners and associates. All of them have international experience and in-depth knowledge of business issues. Concerning legally challenging, complex and delicate questions, it is our ambition to create lasting added value for our clients.

Our economic and technical background knowledge enables us to creative and yet sometimes unconventional thinking. To achieve your goals we are constantly looking for new, better or faster ways. In this process we work passionately and efficientely in small teams with a holistic approach.

The success both of our clients and our law firm is based upon the business relations with our clients often lasting for decades and founded upon the premise of mutual trust.

Take our word for it: We will provide you with solutions for your questions pertaining national and international business law. In all fields of business law. Almost everywhere in the world.